I’m Manu Gamero, a designer on a quest for creating products that make our lives easy, efficient and pleasant.

I believe in the power of people, design and innovation, and how the combination of them can make wonderful things happen.

During the past years I worked side by side with companies and individuals in the definition, design and execution of products and services that mix art, technology and business. We worked, learned and had a lot of fun together along the way.

The output of our collaborations has been published several times in press such as the New York Times, Forbes, AdWeek, Fortune, Vanity Fair, Condé Nast’s Traveler, Wired, FastCompany and Wall Street Journal.

As a professional, there is nothing like living the launch of an idea and seeing the reactions of those who use it. Keep reading if you want to see a summary of some of the projects I’m most proud to have worked on.

Thanks for passing by,

Meridian is an interactive album of your experiences around the world

PeaceOut creates spaces to share feelings

EverAfter sends messages to the future

Score is the perfect companion for sport fans